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Is spray tanning safe?


Yes, spray tanning is safe. The solutions used are organic and work with your skin's melanin to produce a natural-looking color on your skin. There are no UVA or UVB rays in our spray tanning systems.


Can I breathe while getting a spray tan?


Yes, as mentioned the solutions used are organic and will not hurt you to breathe in. If you are still concerned you can simply hold your breath as the system sprays your face. The excess solution in the air is quickly sucked up by the filtration system in the spray tanning system.

I saw an episode of Friends where Ross turned orange from a spray tan will that happen to me?


No, spray tans have come a long way since the days of the "blue box" spray tanning booths. Our spray tanning systems are among the spray tanning industries best and offer amazing results that people normally have to spend lots of time in the sun to achieve.


How long does it take to get a spray tan?


The process of actually getting your spray tan from the time you step into the machine until you step out only takes a few minutes.

How tan will I get?


The darkness you get is completely dependent on your body. Do you tan well naturally? If you do this will likely give you great color. Even those that do not take well typically see some color.


Do I have to do anything once I get my spray tan?


Yes! We tell clients not to shower, sweat, or get wet for at least eight hours after you get your spray tan. For best results, we tell people to sleep on it if they can.


When you shower be sure not to scrub or use harsh cleaners on your skin or you may take some of your spray tans off.


We also recommend lotions specifically designed for spray tanning to prolong your tan glow.

How long will my spray tan last?


Spray tans typically last anywhere from seven to ten days depending on how well you take care of it. The better you take care of your tan and keep your skin moisturized the longer your spray tan will last.


Do you have any advice during my spray tan?


Yes! Make sure to coat your cuticles, bottoms of your feet, and palms of your hands well with barrier cream to prevent color from developing on areas that typically do not get tan. Also carefully remove the cream once you finish your spray tan so as not to smear the fresh spray tan on the rest of your body.​

Have additional questions before you get a spray tan?


No problem we have an answer for you! Contact us via our contact page or come into one of our spas to take a tour!

Electrik Image Spa - Spray Tanning, Sunless Tanning, Tanning, Tan
Electrik Image Spa - Spray Tanning, Sunless Tanning, Tanning, Tan
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