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Electrik Image Spa  - Beauty Services, Teeth Whitening, Waxing, Air Brush Makeup, Eye Lash Extensions


Our Body services encompass all of our amazing spa services that will leave your body feeling and looking better than ever!


We offer a full line of spa services at incredibly affordable prices. Our spa services include our world-famous HydraFacial MD, the anti-aging Collagen Pin treatments, dental office grade teeth whitening, and the beauty enhancing Red Light Skin Therapy.


Our HydraFacial MD and Collagen Pin are both primarily facial treatments but can be used in other areas of the body to treat acne, wrinkles, age spots, and more giving you a more youthful appearance.


We also offer chemical peels to help even out skin tone, help diminish the appearance of scars, acne pitting, etc. and just help clients have beautiful skin in general.


With our new Coolifting now you can get a facelift that is non-invasive and knocks 10 years of wrinkles of your face in just 5 minutes! This revitalizing cryo face-lift is designed to help keep you looking younger without painful surgery or other more invasive procedures.


Tired of loose, saggy, skin? Losing weight but want to keep your skin tight and toned? With our TempSure, RF Skin Tightening system gone are the days of needing surgery to get rid of it! 


Our Red Light Skin Therapy is another anti-aging skin treatment system. Our spa offers this system to help boost your skin's collagen over the entire body giving you a more youthful appearance. These treatments are great for treating psoriasis, eczema, acne, age spots, wrinkles, and more!


Now with the addition of our Cocoon Wellness Pod you not only have the increased weight loss benefits of infrared light but the Cocoon can be used for pain management, detox, or even just relaxation. 


We offer four main categories of services Beauty, Body, Tanning, and Wellness.


Our Beauty services will leave you looking ravishing for your wedding, special night out, job interview, or whatever special occasion you have planned.


In our beauty service line up, we offer four main services; Laser facial treatments, skin resurfacing, eyelash extensions, and teeth whitening.


Our laser facial treatments can remove age spots, sun spots, scarring, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This is truly a revolutionary treatment.

Nothing says confidently like a bright, white, smile! Check out our teeth whitening if you've always wanted a great smile!


Want the ultimate beauty package? Contact us to try them all!

Electrik Image Spa  - Tanning Services, Spray Tanning, UV Tanning, Tanning Lotion
Electrik Image Spa - Weight Loss Services, Hypervibe, Laser Lipo, 3D Body Scanning
Electrik Image Spa  - Body Services, Massage, HydraFacial MD, Red Light Therapy


Our Tanning services encompass all of our high-end tanning systems that leave you glowing!


We offer a full line of tanning services at incredibly affordable prices. Our tanning services include five levels of UV tanning system with various combinations of both high and low-pressure bulbs as well as our UV free sunless spray tanning systems. 


Our tanning beds are among the industry's finest. Professional grade, high output, tanning beds that help you get a tan faster than the competition's beds. Our beds are also maintained at regular intervals with fresh bulbs allowing you to get a breathtaking tan every time you visit one of our spas.


Our UV free, sunless spray tanning systems are also the highest quality systems available in the tanning industry to date. We offer three different systems allowing you to choose the system you like the most. Both our Mystic HD and Versa sunless spray tanning systems give you an amazingly natural-looking tan in less than five minutes! Want a more customized tan? Check out our Evolv airbrush tanning!


Professional tanning equipment that gives you that glamorous bronze glow fast, every time! Contact us today to get your package and get tan!

Our Wellness services encompass all of innovative weight loss solutions. 


We offer amazing weight loss solutions focus on our non-invasive, drug-free, pain-free, laser lipo system. To date, our clients have lost over 7982 inches and counting!


Our weight loss program is composed of three primary systems, our laser lipo system, our precise 3D body scanner, and our Hypervibe systems.


Our 3D Body Scanner allows us to scan your body shape with incredible precision measurements allowing us to track your weight loss progress in about 30 seconds! We can even send you reports of your results via email.


The Laser Lipo machine is completely pain-free and allows you to melt the inches away in a few short minutes several times a week. Clients that have used this system are amazed at how easy it is to drop inches in a relatively short period of time when they may have struggled with these trouble areas for years or decades. Looking for something more aggressive that requires only 1 visit every 6 weeks? Check out our SculpSure body contouring system!


Our Hypervibe system allows your body to more quickly process the fat cells released by the Laser Lipo system and boost your weight loss.


Try out our TempSure RF Skin Tightening too in your treatment areas to increase skin tone and help keep skin tight as you lose weight!


Tired of gimmicky weight loss systems and insanely difficult diets? This program is for you!


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