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Hypervibe is one of the machines we use to stand in place of a strenuous workout. Hypervibe helps the whole body say "I need more energy" and in doing so burns more fat. 


The vibrations Hypervibe puts off stir up your body and get your body's processes moving. It helps boost your metabolism as well allowing your body to burn more fat!


What are some of the benefits of using Hypervibe over traditional exercise?


  • It feels good. People usually tell us it felt a bit strange the first time they were on it but after a couple of sessions, they can't get enough of it!


  • It only requires a few minutes to be effective. This allows us to use it to boost your results rapidly with very little effort on your side!

  • It doesn't require much movement. Let's face it, no one likes to work out. With this machine, you pretty much just stand there and it does the work. Yes, there are additional little "exercises" you can do on the machine if you want but they are not necessary for most people.


  • Is it safer than other forms of exercise? Well, you are not lifting weights, running, or jumping around so that eliminates the risk for injuries typically associated with that. Like all forms of exercise though it's best to check with your physician before starting a weight loss regimen.


  • Does it make you tired? Not really, no. Since Hypervibe uses powerful vibrations to stimulate muscles it doesn't get your heart rate up draining your energy as a typical workout would.

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