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For a Better Complexion – and a Healthier-Looking You

Nobody likes getting older – especially when their skin starts to show it. Sags, wrinkles, blemishes, small irritated areas – all are signs that time is working against your skin’s smooth, supple look. And while time is your skin’s worst enemy, it isn’t the only one. Everyday life takes its toll, too: Pollutants, harsh detergents, allergens, stress, and other factors all conspire to prematurely age our skin.


Your skin is always changing. Even at 25 years old, your skin starts to lose some of its natural self-healing properties. Skin becomes thinner, drier, and less elastic with time. Fortunately, Red Light Therapy can help fight back against some of these unfortunate effects.

Research shows that the red light emitted by collagen lamps helps to stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin, the proteins that maintain the skin’s elasticity, texture and tone. While other restorative therapies can cause discomfort or cause side effects, Red Light therapy is entirely noninvasive and nondestructive. This filtered light is free of harmful rays that can “burn” or damage tissue. Research also shows that collagen lamp exposure can improve skin tone and texture, control pigmentation spots, help reduce pore size, reduce the appearance of wrinkles – and encourage vibrant-looking skin. It also stimulates blood circulation and repairs elastin fibers within the tissue, keeping skin firm.


Electric Image Red Light therapy may be your key to preserving and enhancing your skin’s great look. Talk to one of our experienced consultants to see if Red Light Therapy is right for you, and to develop your own personalized Red Light Therapy program.

Ready to boost your collagen production with our anti-aging Red Light Therapy systems? Get your package today and start looking younger!

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