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Tired of looking... well... tired? Our Coolifting face-lift can take years off your face making you feel younger and more confident in one short 5-minute treatment.


Coolifting is a non-invasive face-lift that leaves skin looking younger and much more healthy. Using cryo technology with a combination of CO2 and a proprietary hyaluronate solution that is designed to trigger your body's collagen production resulting in improved skin elasticity and fewer wrinkles!


The dramatic temperature change caused by the CO2 also causes increased blood flow to the skin again resulting in younger-looking skin.


Coolifting is used to treat many problem areas and rejuvenate the skin but it is most commonly used on the face and décolleté.


If you suffer from crows feet, forehead wrinkles, nasolabial folds (aka smile lines), Coolifting can dramatically reduce the appearance of those wrinkles and when done in a treatment regimen keep them away.


For optimal results initially, treatments are done once per week. After desired results are achieved treatments may be moved out to around 3-4 weeks to maintain a healthy, youthful, glow.


Some people like the post-treatment results so much that they do the treatments weekly though to keep the treatment area looking its best.

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