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Electrik Image Spa offers the areas best weight loss services. Tired of those stubborn inches that you have been struggling to lose forever? We have your solution.


With our non-invasive, drug-free, pain-free, laser lipo based weight loss program, people who have always been self-conscious about weight issues big or small can now melt away those inches using our program.


Like all of our spa's services, this weight loss service is priced far below what doctors and weight loss clinics charge for the exact same treatment.


Why can we offer these services at such low prices? Simple. Volume. We do such a large amount of these laser lipo sessions that we are able to offer them deeply discounted compared to doctors and weight loss clinics that only do a handful of treatments and have to carry pricey medical insurance.

With our three-step weight loss program, you will see the inches melt away.


The first step to our amazing weight loss program is to be scanned on our 3D Body Scanner. This system spins you around and takes a measurement of over six hundred points on your body and builds a 3D model with precise measurements on it. After you do the laser lipo sessions you will be measured again multiple times over your treatment period. These measurements can be compiled into a personalized report and emailed to you as well so you can keep track of your progress as well.


After your initial measurement, you would go into our laser lipo treatment rooms and have the laser lipo pads attached to the target treatment areas. Over about 15 minutes the laser lipo pads will penetrate your skin causing your body to act as if you have been exercising and release broken down fat from its fat cells. This broken-down fat is expelled through the body's natural processes.

Once you finish your laser lipo treatment you will get to use our Hypervibe systems. The Hypervibe systems are designed to boost your weight loss by speeding up the body's metabolism and allowing your body to more quickly process those broken down fat cells.


Our Laser Lipo system has been featured on the Dr. Oz show, The Doctors, and other news media because of the incredible results. Users of our laser lipo have had over 3900 inches lost to date and counting. Some users have even had more than 20 inches lost!


Tired of dealing with excess inches? Would you like to get back into that "little black dress"? Check out our Laser Lipo program today!

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