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A Complete wellness system for a healthier you!

Our cocoon is a multi-solution wellness system designed to target many of the issues we all suffer from.


The Cocoon Wellness Pro is an excellent system to detox the body, help you lose weight, and help with pain management. The cocoon really is an incredible system to help make everyone healthier and feel great!

What all does the cocoon treat?


Pain Management - The Cocoon Wellness Pro is an excellent pain management tool that offers a very warm space allowing muscles to relax. The temperature inside our Cocoon can actually reach 170+ degrees depending on the settings you choose. 


Not only does the Cocoon nice and toasty but it also has a built-in massage feature that vibrates your whole body allowing muscles to further relax and help with pain management.

Detox - Our Cocoon Wellness Pro offers a way to quickly detox your box from impurities, chemicals, and other things that we put in our bodies both intentionally and unintentionally.

If you use one of our suits as well you can dramatically increase the detox process by increasing the amount you sweat during this process and actually see the toxins left behind that you sweated out.

This system also uses Himalayan salt to help kill bacteria as the air is blown over the salt to the fan that keeps your face cool. 

Weight Loss - Due to the infrared light this system puts off and the amount of heat it can be set for it is an excellent system to use to really jump start your weight loss with our Laser Lipo program. 

While some of the weight loss from this system specifically can be attributed to water weight (especially on higher temperature settings) the infrared helps your body further release fat cells when used in combination with our laser lipo.

This can help you see results faster on our laser lipo program than if you just used our laser lipo program by its self.

Relaxation - The Cocoon is an excellent tool for relaxation as well.

With the massage, warmth from the heat of the system, and aromatherapy this is an excellent, and very relaxing, treatment!

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