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A Brighter Smile – A Happier You.

Your smile is the first thing notice about you, and the basis for their first impressions. A brighter, whiter, gleaming smile is what Electrik Image’s premium teeth whitening process delivers.


Planning for a job interview? Your wedding? Or just want to look and feel your best? Our high-tech whitening process shows dramatic results after the very first visit – and after a few sessions, your teeth will be several shades lighter and brighter. Our process is the same precise, effective treatment used in dentists’ offices, but at a fraction of the usual cost. It’s simple, safe, and effective, and it lasts for months.


Here’s how it works: A topical solution is applied to your teeth by our trained technician. Then, a special UV light is directed at your teeth for a few minutes. The light reacts with the topical solution to bleach opaque hardened materials embedded in the enamel of your teeth, removing unsightly yellow tinting and stains. The after-effects of coffee, smoking, acidic foods, and other environmental factors disappear, leaving your teeth looking clean, healthy, and dazzling.


Electrik Image Teeth Whitening lets you smile with pride. Call us today to arrange a consultation, and start showing your best smile to the world.

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Ready for dentist office quality teeth whitening at a fraction of the price? Buy yours today and get the confidence boost you deserve!

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