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Get THAT Look.

You know the one we mean. The radiant, healthy, sun-drenched glow you see in the mirror. The second looks and admiring glances you get from that certain someone. Nothing makes it happen better than a great tan. And there’s no better place to get a great tan than Electrik Image.


We’re Southeast Michigan’s unquestioned tanning experts – and we make it easier, safer, and more comfortable than ever to get that gorgeous, naturally-tanned look that you love.


Top-quality state of the art equipment, highly trained operators, and the most exclusive tanning solutions mean we can get great results with all skin tones and types – and more quickly, comfortably, and affordably than you ever thought possible.


Electrik Image offers both UV tanning and natural-look spray tanning services that look great, feel great—and get you all the attention you can handle.


Check out the below images of our incredible tanning equipment then contact us to take a tour of our spa!

Electrik Image Spa - Tanning, Tan, UV Tanning, Spray Tanning, Tanning Lotion

Want to get the best looking tan with the least chance of burning? Our MasterSun level beds are what you want! Get your package today!

Not into UV tanning but wish you had beautiful tan skin? Our UV Free spray tanning is the way to go! Get your packages today!

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