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Hydrafacial facials are one of our spa's amazing services. It involves a four-step process that takes about thirty minutes to complete depending on the patient. 


Hydrafacial is an ideal fit for someone trying to keep a youthful appearance and that wants great looking skin. It works well on all skin types whether oily or dry helping clean and clears your face of unwanted blemishes, acne, blackheads, and dry skin.


Our Red Light Skin Therapy is a great service to pair with our Hydrafacial system as well since it also helps to reduce the appearance of scars, acne, and other skin blemishes too.


Step 1 in the Hydrafacial treatment process is a cleansing and exfoliation phase. During this phase of the treatment, we use a small tool that helps to open your pores and clears the outermost layer of makeup and dead skin cells away. This step feels similar to someone lightly brushing a soft-bristled toothbrush over your face as it breaks up dirt and other unwanted impurities.

Step 2 of the Hydrafacial treatment process is an acid peel. For those that have not had an acid peel, this is the part they typically start getting nervous about "is it going to burn or hurt" the answer is simply, no. Many people that have had acid peels do say that those peels have a burning sensation but our acid peel typically does not.


Step 3 of the Hydrafacial treatment process is the extraction process. During this process, the spa technician uses the Hydrafacials vortex extraction nozzle to extract all of the things you don't want on your face; blackheads, clogged pores, etc. During this step, you can really see all of the impurities from your face. You will definitely be surprised how much it takes off as most people are.

Step 4 of the Hydrafacial treatment process is a serum application. The serum application process again uses another tool that puts a coat of the serum over your face infusing it with nutrient-rich, skin moisturizing, nourishment. The serum is designed to promote skin elasticity and hydration.


Typically after treatment, your skin is not red or sore at all like after a chemical peel. Over time, with repeated use, dark spots and redness on your face if you had any begin to slowly fade away with the new youthful-looking you.


Treatments from us are very reasonable considering there are doctors offering treatments with this exact same machine for almost $200 a session!


Interested in seeing what the new youthful you look like? Come on in and speak with one of our spa technicians to see what Hydrafacial can do for you!


Check out our HydraFacial FAQ and Before and Afters to see answers to commonly asked questions and the unbelievable results from these facial treatments.

Tired of dull skin? Want that beautiful glow your skin used to have? Get our popular HydraFacial MD package today!

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