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See why SculpSure ranks significantly higher in customer satisfaction than CoolSculpting!

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Ready to get started on your journey with SculpSure? Fill out the form on this page and we will be in touch to schedule your FREE, no-obligation, consultation. Want to learn more? Read on...


RealSelf, the aesthetic and cosmetic service rating site ranks SculpSure significantly higher in customer satisfaction than CoolSculpting! Those ratings come directly from patient reviews!


SculpSure is the easiest, most effective, permanent fat destruction system on the market. In just 25 minutes, fat cells are permanently destroyed resulting in around 24% fat reduction in the treatment area without the risk factors associated with CoolSculpting like PAH (Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia).


Only Fat cells are targeted with SculpSure preventing damage to nerves, muscle tissues, and other unwanted tissue damage. CoolSculpting has risk factors for neurosis as well since it is unable to specifically target fat cells like SculpSure. Fat cells that are targeted by SculpSure cannot come back as SculpSure laser treatments kill the fat cells.


Find out why we are the fastest growing body contouring clinic with a FREE consultation! During a consultation, you will learn what a SculpSure treatment plan would look like for you, have any questions you have answered, and see our many different pricing options.


On a tight budget? No problem! We offer extremely affordable in-house financing programs that almost anyone qualifies for. Our financing is INTEREST-FREE! 


If this is something you would like more information on our technicians can get you that during your consultation as well.


Did we mention results are GUARANTEED!?

Did you know that our SculpSure program is the BEST price in the region in the region?


That's because we not only offer great prices and results but we give our entire Laser Lipo program to you FREE!


With Every SculpSure body treatment you get:

  • 6 Weeks of Laser Lipo Treatments

  • Unlimited HyperVibe

  • Unlimited Cocoon

  • 3D Body Scanning to track progress

SculpSure really is a far superior treatment to CoolSculpting since it does not have the risk factors CoolSculpting does because it is a Laser-based treatment and not a Cryo (freezing) type treatment. 


Some other common issues/downfalls of CoolSculpting are:

  • The shark bite effect - Users of CoolSculpting have reported treatment areas looking like a shark bite was taken out of them. SculpSure, on the other hand, has a faded effect out from the treatment area due to its use of heat and laser.

  • Bruising - Many CoolSculpting users have significant bruising in the treatment area. With SculpSure you cannot even see a treatment was done in the treatment area.

  • CoolSculpting has a 60 minute treatment time - SculpSure is only 25 for the same results!

  • CoolSculpting has no skin tightening effect - SculpSure, due to the laser used has some skin tightening effects due to increased blood flow and collagen production. We also offer our TempSure Envy Skin Tightening for more dramatic results.

  • CoolSculpting is only able to be done on one area at a time. With SculpSure we can do multiple treatment areas on the same day.

  • CoolSculpting is significantly more expensive due to the extreme cost of consumables. We're talking $3000-$5000 vs our $1000 packages with the same results....


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*Individual results vary. Best results promoted by a healthy lifestyle. Images do not constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome.

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