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NOTICE: It may take up to 1 business day for purchases to sync from the online store to the computers in-store. You will get a confirmation email when your order is placed as well as an email when your services are available for use in-store. (Salon hours may vary seasonally)

UV Tanning Black Diamond Level

Black Diamond Month Unlimited
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Product Details
Brand: erogline

Our Black Diamond level beds offers unbelievable color for at a very competitive price. These tanning beds offer all high pressure on the top and low pressure on the bottom allowing you to customize you tanning experience and prepare for vacations, special events, you name it! This bed will get you tan fast and help your skin build its resistance to UV rays using the lamps on the bottom of the bed.

Our Black Diamond level beds offer low pressure tanning on the bottom and high pressure on the top, fans to help keep you cool, and a radio to listen to while you tan as well as a contoured acrylic for comfort.
We meticulously maintain our tanning equipment unlike many other salons and gyms giving you most color out of your tan time. That being said you may not be able to go the full time in one of our beds on your initial visit without burning. Our certified staff will help you determine what a safe tan time would be based on your skin.
We also offer a wide range of tanning lotions and accessories that can be purchased at any of our locations.


NO REFUNDS. Packages expire 6 months from purchase.

Per industry and FDA guidelines may only tan once per 24 hours.
Tanning packages lasts 30 consecutive days from date of first use.

Must sign paperwork prior to using this service on your first visit.

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