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Is Poly LED safe?


Yes, it uses a number of different light-based technologies in specific wavelengths that are proven to treat various ailments.


When will I start to see results?


Results vary from person to person and are dependent on what is being treated but if you come regularly over the period of a month you will see excellent results.

What can be expected during the Poly LED treatments?


Depending on the treatment area you may need to wear eye protection not because there is UV light (there's not), but because the light is very intense. You may also feel a slight warming sensation in the treatment area during treatment.


How does Poly LED work?


Poly LED uses intense medical-grade LEDs at very specific wavelengths that have been shown to treat acne, pain from arthritis, increase collagen production, etc. depending on the settings.


What does Poly LED treat?


Fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, dark spots, acne, pain, and more depending on the chosen settings.


Does Poly LED treat cellulite?


No, there are some studies out there though that do suggest that various light Therapies do treat cellulite, however, lab results we go by have not shown any benefit for use on cellulite treatment.

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