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Our 3D Body Scanner will scan your entire body in about 30 seconds allowing you to see measurements over your entire body. This ia great for people trying to lose weight, body buidling, or even someone that wants to track their baby bump from the beingning or pregnancy to the end for special keepsake.


After you scans a repot of your scan will be emailed to you showing all your measurements, 3D images or your body other inforamtion that may be relevant to you depending on what you are trying to accomplish.


We highly recommend this for people on fitness programs as it is one of the most accurate ways of tracking your progress. Sure, you could use a tape measure but depending on how high or low you are measured your measurements can be skewed giving you an inaccurate maesurement.


This system tracks each measurement point allowing you to see over a period of time where your measurements were and where they are at present.

3D Body Scans - Month (4 Scans)

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