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Our Cocoon Wellness Pod is a revolutionary dry sauna that offers the relaxation and wellness benefits of infrared, heat, Himalayan salt, and aroma therapy.


The Cocoon can be used for relaxation, detox, pain management, and weight loss.


For relaxation the Cocoons warm dry sauna warms the body bringing blood up to the skin and massages you with its sonic vibrations.


For detox an additional suit may be purchased in the spa that causes you to sweat significantly and causes the body to release many of the toxins that have built up over the years. You can actually see over numerous sessions the color of your sweat going from dark to clear as the body detoxes and becomes more pure.


For pain management the infrared sauna heat can help dramatically loosen sore muscles and/or people with arthritis.


Finally from a weight loss standpoint the Cocoon can be used to give more immediate weight loss both from waters weight due to the high temperatures but also more permanent weight loss from the infrared light when used in combination with our Laser Lipo system.


The Cocoon truly is a total body wellness system that keeps you feeling great in mind and body!


Cocoon Wellness Pod - Session

  • Must be 18 or have signed parental permission (in person) to use.


    Available at all Electrik Image Locations.


    We recommend hydrating by drinking water before and after use of this product.


    Do not use when pregnant.


    For medical questions please speak to your physician.

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