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Our sunless automated spray tanning systems offer an incredibly natural looking tan in less than five minutes! Our all organic tanning solutions give beautiful natural color that is diesigned to work with your skin giving you a tan as if you spent time outside tanning.


Gone are the days of the "blue box" orange spray tan! Our high end spray tanning systems offer beautiful color in a heated environment that dries you off almost instantly!


Spray tans are an excellent choice for a boost of clolor for a special event like a wedding, night on the town, or even a job interview.


Your spray tan will lasy roughly 7 days depending on how well you care for it. For questions on aftercare be sure to speak to our staff in the spa.

Spray Tanning MONTH

  • Sessions must be used within 30 days. Limit 5 per month.


    Parental permission in person required to use if under 18.


    Does not include manual air brush spray tanning.


    For medical questions and/or concerns you should speak to your physician.

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