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Is UV tanning safe?


Yes, our technicians are certified to provide a safe tanning experience. Not only do we employ a highly certified staff but our tanning beds emit the lowest amount of harmful UV rays of all the beds on the market. If you want to tan in our UV systems the higher end beds have the least chance of burning due to being all high-pressure systems.


We do require clients to wear eye protection though to protect their eyes from the UV light. 


It's my first time tanning how long should I go for?


The length of time you should tan for is entirely dependent on the type of skin you have. Our certified technicians can tell you what an appropriate amount of time is for you based on your skin type.

How tan will I get?


Again this is dependent on your skin type. Some people get a lot of color off of our higher-end systems after just one session, some people take more sessions to get their desired color.


If you want to boost your tanning results you can try using a tanning lotion with bronzers in it which helps give you immediate color.


Do I have to use a lotion or can I go without?


You do not have to use a lotion, however, using lotions help maintain healthy skin and give better results from your tanning sessions. It is really in your best interest to use a tanning lotion to get the most out of your tanning experience.

How long will my tan last?


One of the benefits of UV tanning is that the results tend to last longer than spray tans. Some people after they get a good tan can last as much as a month before they eventually fade back to their natural skin tone.


What is the longest I can tan for?


It depends on what level of tanning bed you are tanning in. We offer a wide array of systems to meet everyone's budgets and needs. We recommend not just looking at the time frame because our high-pressure systems typically offer better color at lower tan times than our lower-end systems.

Can I tan when I am pregnant?


We would ask you to check with your doctor and make the decision on your own. We have had plenty of clients tan while pregnant but others decide to stop once becoming pregnant.


Have more questions?


No problem contact us and we will answer any questions you have. If you want you can come in and take a tour of all we have to offer as well.

Want to get the best looking tan with the least chance of burning? Our MasterSun level beds are what you want! Get your package today!

Electrik Image Spa - Tanning, Tan, UV Tanning, Spray Tanning, Tanning Lotion
Electrik Image Spa - Tanning, Tan, UV Tanning, Spray Tanning, Tanning Lotion
Electrik Image Spa - Tanning, Tan, UV Tanning, Spray Tanning, Tanning Lotion
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