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Glamorous Lashes That Don't Break The Bank!

Everyone wants beautiful, full, eyelashes but unfortunately we are not all born with them. Fortunately those beautiful eyelashes are no longer out of reach! There was a day when you only had the choice between your basic strip of eyelashes or high end individual eyelash extensions but now there is an alternative.

While we do offer the high end Classic Eyelash Extensions they have not been nearly as popular as our Xpress Eyelash Extensions. While Classic Eyelash Extensions can take upwards of two hours to have applied our Xpress lashes only take around 30 minutes!

So whats the difference, why are the Xpress lashes so much faster? Well, our Xpress lashes allow us to apply three lashes at once which lets us work much quicker and still gives you that beautiful custom look.

Just like our Classic Eyelash Extensions our Xpress lashes do not require any mascara to look gorgeous!

What about fill in sessions? With Xpress Lashes you do not do fill in sessions. We recommend having a fresh set applied every two weeks (at a discounted rate).

If you want beautiful lashes but don't want to spend as much money or time having them done our Xpress Eyelash Extensions are the way to go!

Want to purchase your first set of Xpress Lashes? GET YOURS HERE!


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