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Do I have to be scanned for my Laser Lipo?


Yes, this is the only way we can gauge your actual weight/inches lost. 


I do not have an email address is that all right?


Yes, that's fine but you will need to either create one or work with one of our girls to create one for you. Since your scans fall under HIPAA we must have a valid email account linked to your profile so your scans do not get emailed to another email address that you do not own.


What do I have to wear during the scan?


For the accurate 3D Body Scanning measurements you must wear form-fitting clothes such as a sports bra and spandex style workout shorts, boxer briefs, or other forms of clothing like this. Yoga pants are not acceptable. You should also try to wear the same clothing each time you scan.


I have long hair does this matter?


Yes, you need to have your hair up in a bun in order to get accurate 3D Body Scans. If your hair is down it will skew your results. 


Can I keep my jewelry on?


No, even if you are not trying to take measurements of your neck, wrists, or hands, all rings, necklaces,  earrings, and bracelets must be taken off. The reason for this is that our system uses light to take measurements, reflections off of jewelry can cause problems with your 3D Body Scan.


Can I keep my shoes and socks on?


Short socks are fine but the shoes are not. Keep in mind if you wear short socks the areas the socks are touch will not convey an accurate 3D Body Scan measurement.


How long does it take to scan?


The 3D Body Scanning process takes approximately 30 seconds. If you are new we have to enter your email address, height, and weight into our system as well so it takes a little longer.


Do I have to do anything special during the scan?


No, you simply stand on the turntable with your arms out at a 45-degree angle while the 3D Body Scanner slowly spins you to take your measurements.


How often do I need to do the 3D Body Scanner?


We have you get scanned every 4 sessions.

Would you like to use our 3D Body Scanner to track your fitness program, weight loss, or even for a keepsake from your pregnancy? Get your package below!

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