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So what is Laser Lipo?


Laser Lipo is a new method to lose weight/inches in areas that may have always been stubborn for you to lose it. 


Does Laser Lipo hurt?


Absolutely not! We have had thousands of people use this system and no one has ever complained of any sort of pain. Typically during treatment, you would feel slight warming in the treatment area which the lipo paddles are on.


What happens to the fat?


During Laser Lipo, the fat is penetrated and broken down by the emitted light. The process the fat is broken down in mimics that of working out so your body uses the fat as if you were working out then expels what it doesn't need through the body's natural processes.

Is Laser Lipo effective?


Yes! A majority of people we see lose inches in a relatively short period of time. Best of all its easy! Check out some of the before and after shots on this page. Some clients have lost over twelve inches!

Is Laser Lipo safe?


Yes, Laser Lipo has no UVA or UVB rays so you do not need to worry about overexposure. Laser Lipo operates at 635nm which has been shown to help reduce fat and that's it. No adverse side effects have been shown.


Where can you do Laser Lipo?


Laser Lipo can be done anywhere on the body as it has no adverse side effects. Typically people focus on areas like their stomachs, thighs, arms, butt, and neck.


How long until I see results from Laser Lipo?


Everyone is different but typically you can see noticeable results after a few weeks of sessions. That being said yes, you still have results after your first couple sessions as is shown by your 3D body scans, but since those measurements are over your entire body you may not notice visibly until later.

How is this different than liposuction?


Laser Lipo is different from liposuction because it is non-invasive. This amazing technology uses current methods to get your body to naturally melt the fat away.


Have more questions?


No problem it is natural to have lots of questions before starting any sort of weight loss system especially when you may not have heard of Laser Lipo before. 


Contact us via our contact page or come to one of our locations and we will get your questions answered.


Curious what the whole process looks like? Come in for FREE a tour. We would be happy to show you around our spa!

Are you ready to get started on your journey and make a difference in your life? Buy your package now and get started!

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