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What is a Microneedling and how does it work?


The Microneedling device is an instrument consisting of high-quality titanium acupuncture needles. The Microneedling device has the following actions.  The needles are designed to penetrate the stratum corneum, the hard outer surface of the epidermal layer of the skin, body or scalp.  Hundreds of tiny channels are created through the stratum corneum, which facilitate the passage and absorption of your skincare product, or minoxidil for hair restoration into the dermis, to maximize its absorption.  It gently exfoliates excess skin cells which contribute to hair follicle malnutrition scaring or premature aging, and ultimately hair follicle failure, wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite, and scars.  The device stimulates blood flow to the surface,  gives a skin massage,  cleans out the pores and stimulates collagen re-growth.


Can I use serums and anti-aging products with micro-needling?


Yes, you can use serums after CIT treatments, but be aware that the product will penetrate 80 % more than it does right now so you may want to experiment with the quantity you use. 

Is it ok to microneedle if I have had fillers injected already in my skin?


Yes but ask your injectionist when you may do the treatments first. 


What about cold sores and micro-needling?


If you have any type of herpes virus dormant or otherwise you cannot use the microneedling device in that area.  When treating above lip lines, if you have suffered from herpes complex (cold sores) in the past, make sure the micro needler does not touch the lips or the cold sores may flare again. 


I  just had a microneedling treatment for the first time.  It was ok on the first day but know 2 days later I had red bumpy patches on my cheeks and forehead. Does it look like I have acne?


It sounds as though you have released toxins/old collagen fibers from below the surface of your skin, which is good of course.  Just keep the area clean and do not treat again until your face is clear. You can use moisturizer.  The renewing skin cycle/new collagen regrowth is 4-6 weeks. 


Does it hurt?


The needles on the microneedling device are long enough to assist in the penetration of your skincare product, but will not damage the skin or scalp in any way. It is normal for the skin or scalp to be a little sensitive when scalp treatments are first commenced, but most people report no problems after a few days. 

So do you have to use an anesthetic gel? 


Some people use the numbing gel for cellulite and face needling. Others feel it is not necessary and claim that the device is a little irritating or tickles, and then you get used to it, in other words not painful. So it is trial and error and varies from one person to the next. 


Can I microneedle if I have active acne?


No. Needling should be avoided during outbreaks. 


Do you have to use a cream or product with the needling?


After needling use a good quality product (cream or oil) with active (vitamins) ingredients, as after needling the skin will absorb 84% of that product- compared to 4% without skin needling.  The needling facilitates tiny channels/holes for it to literally go into the skin- painlessly.  Needling stimulates blood flow and collagen re-growth.  Skincare products used after needling are extremely beneficial. You can use Vitamin A and C, copper peptides or high quality, vitamin-enriched active ingredient moisturizer. 

How long to see results?


All skin is different so we cannot give a definite time frame for results, but as you do the treatments your skin will feel lighter, tighter and brighter almost immediately.  If you are treating scars or wrinkles you will see results each week as the skin changes and collagen re-grows, then after 1-3 months deeper results. 


How long does a microneedling device last?


Our micro needler is very high quality so with the care of needling tip, and with continual use, it may last 2-3 months.  The needles don’t wear out as such as they are medical grade titanium, but with continual use, they will eventually become blunt just as an expensive razor would. 


Can I use the microneedling device if I am breastfeeding or pregnant?


The reason we say not use a needling device when pregnant,  or lactating is that the body needs all of its vitamins to feed the baby. So as the production of new collagen uses some vitamins, it is best not to needle at this time.


What are the names used for needling?


Needling is also called Collagen-Induction-Therapy (CIT) Skin rolling, derma rolling, and skin needling, PCI micro-needling (Percutaneous Collagen Induction), Microneedle Therapy and meso rolling, and Multi trepannic collagen actuation.   


What about color changes on the skin that we may see sometimes?


The discoloration is rare and generally only a ‘permanent problem’ if a 2.0 or longer needle is used. Changes in skin color can also be because of toxins migrating to the surface and then the color (patches) fade out as you keep treating.  Also, old collagen fibers break down as with your treatments, and as the skin is uneven, there may look like changes in color in patches, but this is temporary.  New color also comes to the skin naturally as you needle, as in a healthy glow, as pores are cleaned out and new collagen grows.  So that would be the color you are supposed to be, as in a healthy skin tone.  I wouldn’t suggest you use any chemical on the color change, just keep needling and allow it to balance out naturally- if it ever does occur. 


So needling creates channels or holes in the skin do they stay open and absorb dirt as well?


No, the tiny channels quickly close over, within the hour.


Do I need to sterilize my needling device after use?


Yes, it is essential to keep your needling tip in a clean and sterile condition. Rinse in hot running water after every use. Stand head first in its' protective cap and soak according to your soak protocols. When time is completed in soak, simply rinse and place standing up in the container it comes in with lid left open to facilitate complete drying. Don’t ever share your needling tip. 


What type of disinfectant should I use?


Cidex, wavicide, barbacide, etc from beauty suppliers. 


How often can I needle a client? And how long does the needling tip last?


Some technicians do a treatment weekly, bi-monthly or monthly as well, or only that.  With time, even the strongest needlepoint will lose its sharpness.  When this happens the device should be replaced.   However, you will be pleased with the use that you will get out of your microneedling device. Don’t keep using the needling tip if the needles become blunted by lack of care of the product.  


What is the best way to treat stretch marks with micro needling?


The best way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks is to do a VERY FIRM treatment once a month with numbing gel, this needs 1-2 days healing time. Be patient.  Wait 4-6 weeks to see your result as your own collagen will grow and fill in the stretch marks. There should be no downtime and no post-application pain.  You can retreat then if necessary. 


Can I treat my face and arms?


All areas of the face, neck, and body can be treated. 


How fast can I expect to see results from needling?  How long do I have to use it to get rid of the stretch marks?


It all depends on how deep the stretch marks are if you treat the area very firmly once a month then wait for the collagen to re-grow you may be looking at 3-6 months, so that is just 3-6 month treatments.  You will see a nice improvement after each healing. 

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